Scam alert - Action Fraud

This page will provide you with information about a scam where the scammers are contacting members of the public claiming to be from Action Fraud UK.

What has happened

Members of the public are being urged to be aware of an Action Fraud UK scam.

An 82 year old woman was recently contacted by a scammer saying they were from from Action Fraud UK.

The scammer informed her that he was investigating a previous fraud against the individual and that the cost to provide the help needed was £2,200.

Instructions were given to the lady to transfer the money and email the confirmation to a provided email address.

She went to a local bank, transferred £2,200 and then took the receipt to the library to email off to the scammers, as requested.

Quick thinking staff at the library realising it was a scam, contacted the bank, police and Action Fraud and as a result a hold was put on the transfer. An investigation is now underway to identify the scammer and bring them to justice.

Neither the Police Service nor Action Fraud will ever ask you to transfer money to commence or progress an investigation. 

What to do if you have been contacted and asked to make a transfer like this

If you have received a request to make this kind of money transfer and you suspect it to be fraudulent you can report it to Action Fraud.


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