Give your child a helping hand

Give your child a helping hand

Tips for parents on how to help their child with their education

Helping your child with learning

If you spend time playing, talking, reading and counting with your child, this can make a big difference in how well they do at school … more

Helping young people with their education

When your child is at post primary school, they'll need your support to help them choose the right subjects and plan their career … more

Help your child read, write and spell

Reading is essential for your child's success. Children who read outside class time are 13 times more likely to read above the expected level for their age … more

Helping young people with career choices

By talking to your child about their interests and what they enjoy at school, you can help your child reach their full potential … more

Helping your child with maths

A child's family and home environment has a big impact on their numeracy and educational achievement … more

Helping young people when they get exam results

After their exam results, your child has different options. Encourage them to take time making a decision about what to do next … more

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