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Training for Success

Training for Success is all about giving you the tools and the confidence to find work. It focuses on the extra learning you may need.

Who can take part in the Training for Success programme

Training for Success is designed for young people aged 16 - 17 (up to 24 years for those requiring additional support).

Alternatively, if you reach age 18 after 1 July and before first Monday in September, you will be allowed to join Training for Success, providing you start during the first week of September immediately after your 18th birthday.

To find out more about whether you qualify for Training for Success, talk to your local Careers Adviser:

What you will learn with Training for Success

The programme guarantees training up to 104 weeks (156 weeks for those with a disability) to help you gain the recognised skills and qualifications to help you progress in your chosen career.

Training for Success is delivered across four strands:

  • Skills for your life
  • Skills for Work Level 1
  • Skills for Work Level 2
  • Skills for Work Level 3

Skills for your life will help you address personal and development needs and gain skills and qualifications you need to get a job or progress to higher level education or training.

Skills for Work Level 1 and 2 will help you gain skills and vocationally related qualifications to be able to gain employment or progress to the next level of training provision or to further education.

Skills for Work Level 3 will help you work towards the achievement of level 3 qualifications. This is aimed at those who have gained a level 2 qualification through Training for Success, have not yet secured paid employment and who still possess training entitlement.

Examples of training

You will be required to achieve targeted qualification in each of the four areas outlined below:

  • personal and social development
  • employability skills
  • professional and technical skills
  • essential skills in communication, application of number and ICT

You will discuss and agree a Personal Training Plan (PTP) with your Training Supplier detailing the targeted outcomes, progression routes and associated milestones.

In addition you will receive job experience and job sampling based on your needs and the opportunity to experience different workplaces and decide what sort of work suits you best.

Non means tested Education Maintenance Allowance

If you go into training through Training for Success you will automatically qualify for a non means tested Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) of £40 per week. If your parent(s)/guardian(s) receive Income Support, means tested Job Seeker's Allowance or Housing Benefit, that benefit will not be affected by the EMA.

If you are entitled to one of these benefits in your own right, then that benefit will not be affected either. Your parent(s)/guardian(s) will also be entitled to receive Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit provided all other conditions for receipt of the benefits are met.

In addition you will receive Participant Bonuses at various stages of your training from your Training Supplier.

Travel, lodging and childcare allowances may be paid depending on individual circumstances.

Training suppliers

Contact details for training suppliers are available at the link below:

If you have any queries, please contact:

  • email:
  • Helpline: 0300 200 7876 (Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm)
  • text freephone: 0800 328 0824 - for those with hearing or communication difficulties

Disability Support

Disability Support Providers (DSPs) can supply additional support for individuals with a disability. DSPs will work closely with Training Suppliers to ensure that arrangements are put in place to ensure individuals with a disability can benefit fully from their training entitlement.

Contracted Disability Support Providers

Organisation Contact Contact address Contact details
Disability Action Laura McCartney
Portside Business Park
189 Airport Road
telephone: 028 9029 7880
fax: 028 9029 7881
Sensory Learning Support James Somerville
85 Jordanstown Road
BT37 0QE
telephone: 028 9086 3541
mobile: 07837 516686
The Cedar Foundation Kieran Molloy
1a Woodside Road Industrial Estate
Woodside Road
BT42 4QJ
telephone: 028 2565 9111
Ulster Supported Employment Limited (USEL)
Arthur Savage
182 - 188 Cambrai Street
BT13 3JH
telephone: 028 9036 6600
fax: 028 9035 6611
mobile: 07739 348817

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