September 2015: 1980’s Maze searches – what was found

PRONI’s document of the month for September is a search report in the Maze compound from the release of Government files.

The document from 1985 relates to searches carried out in prisoner cells in the Maze prison. These searches were routinely carried out by prison officers.

NIO/10/14/2A - Maze Search Report Graham Jackson, who chose the document said

“This purely functional document was designed to account for all illegal items found during the course of routine searches of inmate cells at the various prisons – in this case, the HMP Maze Compound.

The finds listed in the document included: hacksaw blades, two pairs trousers with concealed pockets, one heavy black overcoat, flag poles, small quantity of yeast, one small bottle of hooch, six improvised berets, one small pocket size toy telescope and one white handkerchief with a sketch of a compound on it."

This document can be viewed in the reading room under PRONI reference for the document is NIO/10/14/2A.

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