ScamwiseNI Initiative

Details of who is responsible for the ScamwiseNI initiative.


The Police Service of Northern Ireland in partnership with the Northern Ireland Policing Board, Department of Justice, Commissioner for Older persons, the Consumer Council, Trading Standards and Age Sector Platform have worked together to develop the ScamwiseNI Initiative.

Scamming is widespread in Northern Ireland.

Based on UK figures, in any year, most of us will be targeted with an attempt to scam us out of money. 

In Northern Ireland there is evidence of the significant financial consequences to the individual, but also to the economy in terms of lost confidence and to the state in having to provide for those who’ve lost everything.

We all just need to be a bit more Scamwise and use the scam test:

  • Seems to be good to be true
  • Contacted out of the blue
  • Asked for personal details
  • Money requested

Remember: Scams are Fraud - Fraud is a Crime - Report the Crime!

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