Scam alert - Money Mules

You should always be very careful about allowing others to use your bank account. You could end up becoming a money mule for criminals.

What is happening

Members of the public are being contacted by criminals who need to transfer money illegally between bank accounts.

This is known as Money Muling. The unsuspecting member of the public will receive money into their own bank account and will then be asked to withdraw it and send it on to another account used by criminals. They may be allowed to keep some for themselves.

Even if you’re unaware that the money you’re transferring was illegally obtained, you have played an important role in fraud and money laundering, and can still be prosecuted. 

What you should do

Never allow others to use your bank account for any reason, as you may end up committing a money laundering offence for which you could be prosecuted. 

In addition to committing crime and helping criminals benefit from drug, dealing, fraud or human trafficking, you will affect your own credit rating, which in turn will affect your ability to get financial products in the future. 

Don’t get duped into being a money mule and If you believe you have been a victim of this contact police on 101.

Further information on money muling is available from the Action Fraud website.

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