Scam alert - HMRC

Information is available about a telephone scam pretending to be from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

Details of the scam

Members of the public are advised to be aware about an HMRC scam recently reported to police.

A number of people received telephone calls from a telephone number beginning with 0161. The male caller stated he was a representative of HMRC and that he needed to confirm some personal details.

The PSNI confirm that the telephone number does not belong to HMRC, the male is not an HMRC employee, and HMRC will never ask for your personal details over the phone. 

What you should do

Never, ever give out your personal details over the phone, especially if the request is a result of a cold call. If you receive a call asking you for these details:

  • tell the caller you will be reporting this incident to the authorities
  • hang up and block the number from contacting you again
  • take a note of the telephone number and report the incident to Action Fraud
  • help spread the word on this scam

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