Scam alert - Facebook and Google Hangouts

A scam has been identified which is using Facebook and Google Hangouts.
Information is available below.

Facebook and Google Hangouts

Members of the public are being advised to be aware of potential scams originating through Facebook and Google Hangouts.

It has been reported that the scammers had befriended a lady through these applications before scamming her out of most of her life savings.

What you may be told

Scammers might tell you they need money to pay for a medical emergency, a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in gold or diamonds or to escape a relationship etc.

What you should do

The advice in these circumstances is, if in doubt follow the ‘Scam Test’.

  • S              Seems too good to be true
  • C             Contacted out of the blue
  • A             Asked for personal details
  • M            Money is requested

Always question uninvited approaches.

Do not provide your personal details.

Do not transfer money on the promise you will be reimbursed or otherwise.

Report attempts such as these to Action Fraud and Facebook/Google.

Tell a friend.

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