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The UK is preparing to leave the European Union. There are two main options for leaving: with a ‘withdrawal agreement’ and a period of time to put necessary arrangements in place; or without an agreed deal. A ‘no-deal’ Brexit may include changes to rights and the law.

Common Travel Area

If you're a British citizen or an Irish citizen you do not need to take any action to protect your status and rights associated with the Common Travel Area (CTA).

After the UK leaves the EU, you will continue to enjoy these rights, no matter what the terms of the UK’s exit.

Both the UK and Irish governments have committed to taking all necessary measures to make sure that the agreed CTA rights and privileges are protected in all outcomes.

British and Irish citizens do not need to take any action to protect their existing entitlements.

Family law cases involving EU after Brexit

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, certain current family law agreements which apply between the EU countries will stop applying to the UK.

Workplace rights 

Workplace rights may be affected in a no-deal Brexit.

Your consumer rights 

Information about consumer rights can be found at this link:

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