Renting a Housing Executive or housing association garage

The Housing Executive and some registered housing associations have garages for rent. They usually rent these to their existing tenants.

Applying for a garage

You need to contact your the local Housing Executive office or housing association to ask if they have garages to rent. They might not offer you a garage if you have rent arrears.

Using a rented garage

Garages are for private use such as storing a motor vehicle. Gararges aren't secure or sealed against weather for storing household goods. You can't use your garage for commercial activities. You must not sub-let your garage. 

You shouldn't store petrol or other flammable materials in your garage.

How to stop renting a garage

You usually need to give your landlord four weeks' notice if you want to give up your garage. When you return the garage key, make sure the garage is empty and swept.

If the Housing Executive or housing association has to empty the garage you rented, they can charge you.

Rent arrears on a garage

A tenant usually pays their garage rent up front. The landlord can take action to recover arrears. If arrears are very high or your account is in arrears a long time, the landlord can end the tenancy and repossess the garage.

Repossessing a garage

The Housing Executive or housing association can repossess the garage without court action. They don't need to ask a court for a Possession Order.

If the repossessed garage still contains your goods, the landlord will ask you to remove the goods.

If the landlord has to empty the garage, they will charge you the clearance cost. They'll also charge for the new lock if necessary. You'll also need to pay any rent arrears on the garage.

Paying VAT on a garage rent

The garage rent includes 20 per cent VAT if the garage tenant is:

  • a former tenant who bought their property
  • a Housing Executive tenant with three or more lettings
  • a housing association tenant
  • in an Housing Executive household renting a garage
  • a Housing Executive tenant renting a garage outside the common landlord area (CLA) or where the garage is not reasonably near their home

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