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PRONI hosted an exhibition marking the 150th anniversary of the Presbyterian Children’s Society, this is the presentation that launched it, held on 9 November 2016.

Presbyterian Children’s Society exhibition

The Presbyterian Children’s Society (formerly known as The Presbyterian Orphan Society and The Presbyterian Orphan and Children’s Society) has been in existence for 150 years.  It has helped 43,000 children in 17,500 families over that time and continues to help Presbyterian children today from all types of family backgrounds including bereavement, separation, divorce, single parenthood, long term illness and disability.

This presentation is by Dr Paul Gray, who has been the Executive Secretary of the Society for over 28 years.  He has worked with various charitable organisations over a period of 30 years and has also undertaken historical research in the field of social history.

The presentation draws on personal stories from the archives. It highlights that the need to alleviate poverty is as necessary today as when the Society was formed 150 years ago and that the same Christian principles still apply.

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