January 2014: The Maze maze

PRONI's Document of the Month for January presents a different solution to improve prison security.

Ian Farr, Records Management and Cataloguing chose this month's document and said:

The Maze Letter “The ‘Maze maze’ letter was discovered whilst preparing the Northern Ireland Office files for their release on 27 December 2013.

This elegant solution to further prison breakouts proposed by the 10 year old author struck me as something of a paradigm in relation to the political and social furore that followed. “

The Maze Plan The files are being released under the 30/20 Year Rule.

The 20 Year Rule is being phased in over 10 years, with two years worth of records being reviewed and released each year. This is the first year of the phasing-in period; records of NI Departments and the NIO with terminal dates of 1983 and 1984 have been brought forward for release in December 2013.

  • In the PRONI catalogue, the letter is contained in an NIO file with the PRONI reference NIO/12/514A
  • The records including the letter are now available to view at PRONI



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