Foreign exchange company scam warning

The police are warning that scammers have been cold calling potential victims and going to their home addresses claiming to be from a foreign exchange company. You should always be cautious if contacted out of the blue.

What has happened

Criminals have recently contacted a member of the public claiming to represent a foreign exchange company. They first phoned the member of the public and asked to visit their home address a few days later.

The criminals went to the address and offered a £900 per month return if the member of the public invested £30,000. All of the money could also be withdrawn at any time.

The criminals took the member of the public out for dinner and bought them wine. They also provided copies of their passports, utility bills and a private investment contract.

The criminals returned a few days later in an attempt to convince the member of the public to invest. When they refused the criminals reduced the amount of investment down to £5,000 before they eventually left empty-handed.

How to avoid being scammed


  • protect your personal information
  • if you're at all suspicious about a call that you get, hang up and phone the organisation that the person is claiming to work for
  • be realistic - if it’s feels too good to be true it probably is

What to do if you're concerned

If you have been affected by this scam, or any other type of fraud, report it:

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