Darknet/ Darkweb scam

Police are advising people to be vigilant against a recent scam involving people claiming to be from the Darknet or the Darkweb.

Details of the scam

Criminals have contacted numerous members of the public saying they have hacked into their computers.

The criminals often have pictures taken from a webcam and a list of the member of their passwords.

It is also common for the criminals to claim that they have affected the computer with a Trojan virus.

A ransom reward then follows often in the cryptocurrency bitcoin.

How to avoid being scammed


  • make sure your computer has up-to-date antivirus software
  • change passwords regularly
  • don't use the same password
  • try to make your password complex by using a mixture of upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers
  • never pay the ransom – contact police

What to do if you're concerned

If you have been affected by this, or any other type of fraud, report it:

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