Community Outreach Angling Events Fund

A new small grant award scheme has been made available to assist those who are bringing new participants to angling. This scheme, with individual awards of up to £500, is to assist any event provider that attracts new anglers.

Application guidelines

The maximum grant available is £500 per event and depends on funding being available each year.

Your application must include the following details in order to be considered for a  grant of up to £500:

  • clearly state the name of the club or organisation making the application and the named contact together with their full contact details
  • details of the proposed event or programme, including the expected number of participants
  • detail how the programme promotes equality and prevents social exclusion
  • ​provide details of the support  being provided (financial or other) for the event or programme by other agencies or organisations or funders
  • provide a breakdown of anticipated costs and also detail levels of support required from DAERA Inland Fisheries
  • provide an outline of previous programmes developed by the club or organisation named on the application

All applications must be sent to:

DAERA Inland Fisheries
Community Outreach Team
Klondyke Building
Cromac Avenue
BT7 2JA 

Any questions about these guidelines or the application process should be emailed to the DAERA Inland Fisheries Community Outreach Team at the following email address:


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