Broadband provider cold-calling scam

Police are appealing for the public to be alert after reports of fraud involving scammers phoning the public claiming to be from their broadband provider.

Details of the scam

A member of the public was recently contacted by a scammer claiming to be from his broadband provider.  He was told that he had inadvertently changed his broadband settings from private to public.

The ‘representative’ advised he could fix this remotely if remote access software was downloaded onto the computer. The victim authorised this to have the repair carried out.

On checking his bank account £3000 had been transferred out.

How to avoid being scammed

To avoid becoming the victim of a scam like this:

  • always exercise caution when contacted out of the blue
  • protect your personal information
  • if you're at all suspicious about a call that you receive, hang up and phone the organisation that the person is claiming to work for on a number you know is genuine
  • don't not be tricked into allowing someone to access your computer
  • always log out of accounts online

What to do if you're concerned

If you have received a call of this kind, or are concerned by the intent of unsolicited calls, emails or letters:

  • report it online to Action Fraud
  • 0300 123 2040
  • call police on the non-emergency number 101


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