Bank fake text message alert

Some bank customers have received a fake text message which claims to be from their bank. The message can appear as part of a series of messages from your bank.

What has happened

This type of message can be sent to any bank customer.

If you receive text messages from your bank it will join the 'thread' and have the appearance of coming from your bank when in fact it has been 'spoofed'. 

What you should do

If you receive a text like this:

  • never click on any links
  • never phone the number on the text
  • use a number that you have for your bank and call them using it

Your bank will:

  • never ask you to transfer funds
  • never call or email you for your full or partial PIN, password or smartcard codes and so on
  • never ask you to download screen-sharing or remote control software (unless you have asked them to do so)


  • don’t assume an email, text or phone call is genuine
  • stay in control, don’t be rushed
  • listen to your instincts
  • if you receive a suspicious call, use a different line to call the bank back using an independently sourced number
  • if an alternative phone isn’t available, phone a friend to check that the line is free
  • it takes two people to disconnect a call


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