Assured skills training programme

If you’re unemployed, under-employed, a graduate or have experience and would like to change direction in your career, the assured skill pre-employment training programme can help you. Academy-style training will support you into employment by giving you the skills that expanding companies want.

How it works

The assured skills programme offers customised training to give you the skills needed to compete for new employment opportunities.  

The programmes are run in response to employers with job vacancies so the training is tailored to meet the skills needed for that job.

The academies have helped secure jobs in diverse sectors such as:

  • data analytics
  • human resources
  • financial services
  • sales
  • software development
  • software testing
  • cyber security
  • 2D animation
  • game development
  • welding

​Your existing qualifications are important but, whatever your vocational area, the companies involved in the training programmes want employees with the drive and determination to succeed and a positive attitude to take on new challenges.

 If you successfully complete an assured skills academy training programme, you will be offered a job interview with the recruiting company. 

Current opportunities

The current academies are open for applications from graduates. 

Deloitte Robotics Automation and Data Visualisation Academy

The academy is a twelve-week training course to help graduates get the skills, knowledge and experience for a career in robotics process automation and data visualisation. 

To take part in the academy, you must be a graduate with at least a 2:2 in any degree discipline. No experience is needed. The course selection process will include:

  • online aptitude tests
  • CV 
  • interview

The closing date for applications is 26 January.

If you complete the course, you will be interviewed by Deloitte for a job. 

You must apply online. To apply, go to Deloitte Robotics Automation and Data Visualisation Academy.

Metaswitch Academy

This academy is a nine week training programme for graduates who are interested in receiving bespoke training and learning new skills relevant to the communications technology sector. 

To take part in the academy, you must be a graduate with at least a 2:2 in any degree discipline. No experience is needed.

If you complete the academy, you will be interviewed by Metaswitch for a job. The roles on offer vary from professional services to ongoing technical support. In those roles you will be engaging directly with customers around the world on complex engineering problems and learn about:

  • the communications industry
  • software development and support
  • service delivery
  • project management
  • troubleshooting and problem-solving
  • DevOps-style coding

Apply online at Metaswitch Academy. The closing date for applications is Monday, 5 February.


When in training you:

  • will receive a weekly training allowance of £150
  • will be reimbursed weekly travel expenses
  • may be eligible for child care allowance

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