Apply for Premium Bonds

You can download the form you need to apply for Premium Bonds at the National Savings and Investment website.


Premium Bonds offer a way of investing anything from £100 to £40,000. Each month a draw is made and around £100m is won by Premium Bond holders. The top prize is a £1m jackpot.

Any prize you receive is free of UK Income Tax and Capital Gains

Tax and you do not need to declare it on your tax return. Anybody over the age of 16 can buy Premium Bonds, and you can also buy them on behalf of your child or grandchild.

How to use this service

To apply you will need to print out the PDF form from the National Savings and Investment website and return the completed form by post.

The link below will take you to the application form page, with links to more details about how the bonds work.To access the form you will need a copy of Adobe Reader.

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