2018 fish stocking figures

Fisheries in the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) Public Angling Estate are stocked with fish from Movanagher Fish Farm. The fish stocking table below is updated when monthly stocking has been confirmed.

Fish stock size and weight

These waters will be stocked with takeable fish larger than 25.4cm and an average weight greater than 300 grams. DAERA Inland Fisheries tries to make sure that these waters are stocked regularly depending on their quota, however they are not stocked on a monthly basis.

Contact DAERA Inland Fisheries by phone or email if you have stocking queries. Information on future stocking is not available.

2018 fish stocking figures

BT= Brown Trout
RBT = Rainbow Trout

Fishery January February March
Achork   500 BT  
Altnahinch 1,000 BT 1,000 RBT 1,000 BT
Ballymoney Burn   250 BT  
Ballykeel Lower  1,000 BT   1,000 BT
Brantry 1,000 BT    
Bellanaleck  1,000 BT    
Binevenagh   500 RBT  
Castlewellan  1,000 BT 1,000 BT 1,000 BT
Corranny    1,000 RBT  
Corry   1,000 BT  
Craigavon   1,000 RBT  
Glencrewan 500 BT 500 BT 1,000 BT
Hillsborough  1,000 RBT   1,000 RBT
Keenaghan 1,000 BT   1,000 BT
Killylane 1,000 BT 1,000 BT 1,000 BT
Lough Ash   1,000 BT  
Lough Braden    1,000 BT  
Lough Brickland 1,000 BT   1,000 BT
Lough Cowey   1,000 BT  
Lough Money   1,000 RBT  
Lough Mourne  1,000 BT   1,000 BT
Lower South     1,000 BT
Marshallstown   1,000 BT  
Meenameen  500 BT 1,000 BT 1,000 BT
Middle South  1,000 BT 1,000 BT 1,000 BT
Moor Lough   1,000 BT  
North Woodburn 1,000 RBT 1,000 RBT  
Portavoe   1,000 RBT 1,000 RBT
Stoneyford  1,000 BT   1,000 BT
White Lough 1,000 RBT   1,000 RBT

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