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Steps to Work

Referrals to this programme ended on 30 May 2014. This isnformation is therefore only for reference for those already on the programme.

New replacement employment programme

Steps to Work has been replaced by a new employment programme called Steps 2 Success. Find out more at the Steps 2 Success page.

Steps to Work Programme information

Steps to Work (StW) offers a number of different choices around work related activities that can be fitted to suit your needs when it comes to finding you employment.

What happens?

When taking part in Steps to Work you are allocated an adviser who is there to provide support and guidance to help you decide which opportunities best suit you.

What are the benefits?

  • personalised advice and guidance to help you make the right choices
  • help to find and remain in work
  • you can re-train while remaining on benefit plus receive a weekly Training Premium
  • opportunity to gain recognised qualifications
  • opportunity to improve existing skills
  • opportunities for work experience

Who is eligible?

Anyone over 18-years-old, lone parents aged 16 and over, who is not working or working less than 16 hours each week is eligible. You can take part  in StW if you are claiming benefit or if you are not working and not claiming benefit.

What are the Steps?

Steps to Work is delivered in a 'three-step' process.

Step One

Step one offers anyone who is nearly ready for work ongoing one-to-one support and guidance from an adviser that's aimed at helping you to find work as soon as possible. It also offers a range of short courses that can help you develop your confidence and motivation, improve your jobsearch skills and avail of 'accredited' courses, that can help you find work.

Step Two

Step Two offers a wider range of longer term support if you need more help to find work. Your adviser can put together a package of support to best meet your training and work experience needs and the needs of employers.

Step Two can last from three weeks to 52 weeks depending on what you are doing. While you are on Step Two you will receive £15.38 per week in addition to any other benefits you are entitled to.

Step Three

Step Three provides additional support and advice from your adviser for up to six weeks to help you find a job.

Is there anything else available in Steps to Work?

Graduate Acceleration Programme

The Steps to Work programme has been enhanced to meet the needs of unemployed graduates with the introduction of the Graduate Acceleration programme. This offers graduates the chance to kickstart their career by undertaking a 6 month work placement and a graduate level qualification.

Steps to Work - Childcare assistance

Are you a lone parent or the partner of a benefit claimant and looking for work? Extra money to help with your childcare costs is now available to make it easier for you to take part in Steps to Work and find a job.

Disclosing Criminal Convictions

Most employers will want to know about criminal convictions and failure to declare them can be seen as dishonesty. Disclosing convictions at an early stage will mean that you won’t have to worry about someone finding out at a later date.

The leaflet Steps to Work: Disclosing Criminal Convictions will give you the following advice: