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Re-registration of a birth

alt="" In certain circumstances a birth that has already been registered may be re-registered. Find out more and download the relevant General Register Office (GRO) forms.

Unmarried couples

You can re-register a birth where a child has been born to an unmarried couple and the father’s name was not recorded when the birth was registered.

Form GRO 12

If both the mother and the father want the father’s name to be recorded on the birth entry, you should complete application form GRO12.

Form GRO 12A

If there has been a court issued Declaration of Parentage, you should complete form GRO 12A and send to the General Register Office with the Declaration to allow the re-registration of the birth.

Form GRO 15

Where a child has been born to an unmarried couple who have since married, you should complete form GRO15.


Occasionally an error may appear on a birth certificate, for example an incorrect address or wrong date. A correction may be made by means of a note in the margin to show the right details. You should complete the following form to tell GRO of the correction required.

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