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Improving literacy skills and discovering joy of reading

It’s World Book Day, which celebrates books and reading. Books can enrich our lives, allowing us to experience the pleasure of reading and reap the benefits that reading for pleasure has on educational success. It can also bring other rewards, such as paving the way into work or improving job prospects. Parents are also urged to do what they can to encourage their children to develop their reading and writing skills.

Reading to your child

Reading can open up a world of fun, enjoyment and learning for children and young people. Taking the time to read to your child can help them to discover the joy of reading. Whether it's reading a story to little ones at bedtime or enjoying a novel together with an older child, parents and families can help boost children’s reading ability and, in turn, their learning potential.

Parents can also encourage children to put the computer games aside for a while, pick up a book instead and get the child to read out loud to them.

You can get useful tips and advice at the following page:

Parental involvement and encouragement, no matter how small, can have a direct and long-lasting effect on a child’s educational achievements.

Improving literacy

You can improve your literacy skills through Essential Skills. As well as literacy, there are also free courses in:

  • numeracy
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)

If you would like to sign up for classes, the pages below should be useful:

To date, thousands of adults in Northern Ireland have achieved qualifications, helping them to break through their barriers to gain the skills and confidence they need to progress in their careers and achieve their full potential.

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