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Healthy eating can help children achieve at school

It’s International School Meals Day, which aims to promote healthy eating in schools around the world. Enjoying a healthy and nutritious school meal can help children and young people achieve to the best of their abilities.

Eating well

A hungry child can’t concentrate in class and will lag behind other children if the issue is not addressed. In contrast, children who are properly fed absorb information much better and are less likely to be disruptive to their own or others’ learning.

Also, eating well and taking regular exercise are the best steps anyone can take to leading a healthy life and preventing ill health. A nutritious, balanced meal at school can go a long way towards these goals, as well as having a huge positive impact on a child’s educational achievements.

Schools, along with parents and families, have a role to play in ensuring that children grow up with healthy eating habits. School lunch might be the only freshly-cooked meal some children have in a day.

There is lots of useful information about eating healthily at the following links:

Free school meals

Parents and families are urged to check their eligibility and take up free school meals if they are entitled. You can find more information at the page below:

It could make a huge difference to a child’s education and, in turn, their life chances.

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