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Raising awareness of eating disorders

There are many reasons why people can develop an eating disorder and they can affect anyone. There are a few different types and each disorder has different symptoms. If left untreated, eating problems can cause serious health problems.

Recognising symptoms

The reasons why someone can develop an eating disorder include:

  • family strife or a death in the family
  • pressure at school
  • bullying
  • being abused
  • worries about personal appearance
  • lack of self-esteem

Someone who has an eating disorder may show some of the following symptoms:

  • being frightened of gaining weight or looking overweight
  • thinking they are grossly overweight
  • binge eating followed by forced vomiting or fasting
  • using laxatives and water-tablets without any apparent need
  • compulsive exercise
  • secret eating with the same kind of food
  • hoarding secret supplies of food

You can find out more at the nidirect pages below:

If you think you or one of your friends or relatives have an eating disorder, talk to a doctor.

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