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Advice on keeping heart healthy  

It’s National Heart Month. It aims to make people more aware of heart and circulatory (cardiovascular) disease, how they can help prevent it, and to help raise funds for research. We should all be thinking about the health of our heart, and what we can do to keep as healthy as possible.

Keep heart healthy

There are lots you can do to keep your heart healthy, whatever age you are. We should all take regular exercise, eat a healthy diet, encourage children to be heart-healthy and be aware of dangers, such as:

  • smoking
  • drinking alcohol to excess
  • high blood pressure
  • stress

You can find out useful information at the following pages, including signs and symptoms of heart disease:

Preventing heart disease

Prevention is as relevant to people who already have heart disease as it is for everyone else. People of all ages who are physically active are half as likely to get cardiovascular disease as those who are inactive.

A healthy diet helps reduce your risk of developing heart disease. If you already have heart problems, it will help to protect your heart. Reduce the amount of salt you eat daily. This will also help keep blood pressure down.

What puts you at risk?

The way the fat is distributed on your body can affect your risk of coronary disease. If you are overweight or tend to put on weight around your waist, reducing your weight or waist size will help:

  • reduce the workload on your heart
  • keep your blood pressure down
  • improve your cholesterol levels
  • reduce the risk of coronary heart disease

If you think you have a problem with your heart you should contact your GP, who can refer you for tests, if necessary.

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