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Talk to your child about alcohol and drugs

With thousands of young people receiving exam results today and next week, many will go out socialising with friends after they receive their grades. The Public Health Agency (PHA) is urging parents to talk to their children about the risks associated with drinking and taking drugs.

Problems with alcohol

Parents can talk frankly about the dangers of binge drinking or taking drugs. They can encourage their children to have fun with friends without alcohol or drugs.

If their child is of the legal drinking age, parents can encourage them to take care if they choose to drink. Staying within the safe drinking limits is important, as excessive drinking can have lasting effects on health, such as damage to the liver, heart, brain and stomach.

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Parents are also encouraged to talk to their children about drug use and the risks associated with it.

The misuse of any drugs can result in damage to health. You can never be exactly sure of the make-up of recreational drugs, whether sold as illicit drugs or as ‘legal highs’.

The only way to avoid risks is to not take drugs.

Also, never mix alcohol and any drug.

You can get more information about drugs at the pages below:

Signs of stress

Some teenagers may not get the grades they hoped for and this can have leave them feeling low or anxious about their future.

Parents are urged to look out for behaviour or feelings that could indicate that their child is showing signs of stress.

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