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Renting accommodation - tips and advice

You, or someone you know, might be going to college or university this autumn. If you're already renting accommodation, or are looking to find somewhere to rent, nidirect can help. From how to find a place to live, to dealing with problems that arise with landlords or living in shared housing, you will find lots of advice below.

Private landlords

Most students will rent accommodation from private landlords. These landlords will normally rent their property at the market rate and their right to increase the rent will depend on the type of tenancy.

All private landlords are required to register on the new Landlord Registration Scheme.

Landlords normally ask for a deposit. That deposit is now protected under a scheme which ensures that if you are entitled to get it back, you can be assured that this will happen.

You can find out more about the scheme at this link:

The pages below should also be useful:

Problems with your landlord

If you have any problems with your landlord, the following links have advice:

Sharing a house

You may be thinking of sharing a house with a few friends, or perhaps you’re moving into accommodation with people you don’t know. There are hints and tips on these nidirect pages:

Leaving a property

Before leaving a property which you have been renting there are a number of things you should do to make it go smoothly:

  • contact service suppliers (like electricity, gas) to advise that you are leaving
  • record any meter readings, if possible along with the landlord
  • arrange for mail to be redirected
  • clean the property
  • contact the landlord to arrange for an inspection and return of your deposit
  • secure the property when leaving
  • return all sets of keys

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