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Be vigilant for signs of human trafficking

There continues to be cases of human trafficking in Northern Ireland. People are trafficked for sexual exploitation, forced labour and domestic servitude. Everyone is encouraged to report any suspicious activity to the police.

Signs to look out for

People should know what to look out for. These are signs of trafficking to be aware of:

  • victims are often forced to live in cramped and/ or overcrowded conditions
  • victims may be collected very early and/ or returned late at night on a regular basis
  • victims may have inappropriate clothing for the work they are performing, and/ or a lack of safety equipment
  • there may be a heavy security presence at the premises where they live or work
  • victims’ physical appearance may show signs of injury, malnourishment, and their general appearance may be unkempt
  • victims may be isolated from the local community and/ or appear to be under the control or influence of others

You can get more information on human trafficking and what you can do can at the page below:

Report any suspicions

If you believe trafficking is happening in your area, then you should report it. If you suspect something, call Crimestoppers on:

You can also contact the police:

Help for victims

Government, through work with Women’s Aid Federation (NI) and the Migrant Help, offers support to rescued victims of human trafficking. This includes:

  • healthcare
  • counselling
  • legal advice
  • translation services
  • assistance with living expenses
  • safe and secure accommodation

The following page also has useful information:

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