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Neighbourhood Policing

Every neighbourhood is different - and so are the problems that matter to residents. Neighbourhood Policing Teams are officers dedicated to individual neighbourhoods, with the job of listening to the things that really matter in their area and working together with the community to find sustainable solutions.

Tackling and preventing local crime

The purpose of neighbourhood policing is to deliver the right people in the right places - and in the right numbers - in order to create safe and secure neighbourhoods.

Your neighbourhood

There are names and contact details of neighbourhood officers for every area in Northern Ireland on the local pages of the Police Service for Northern Ireland (PSNI) website. Through engagement, communities will be able to influence the work carried out in their neighbourhood by prioritising identified issues.

What can be achieved?

Neighbourhood Policing Teams are focused on supporting you and your community and are dedicated to:

  • having a better understanding of community issues
  • problem solving to meet the real needs of your community
  • promoting increased levels of involvement by supporting local residents' issues
  • tackling your worries about crime and anti-social behaviour
  • having increased 'visibility' - they will know you and you will know them

Get involved

You can find out more about the work that is being carried out in your neighbourhood and how to get involved.

A map on the PSNI homepage can be used to access neighbourhood level information including officers' names and contact details as well as information about local policing priorities and performances to address the priorities.

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