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Get Active - Cycle to work

Cycling is one of the easiest ways to fit exercise into your daily routine because it's also a form of transport. That means it saves you money, gets you fit and contributes to a cleaner environment.

Here’s what the British Medical Association says:


Your strength, stamina, aerobic fitness and general muscle function will all be improved.

Cycling is a low impact activity and one of the safest ways to exercise without risk of over-exertion or strain to muscles and joints.

Cycling regularly will improve your fitness and can help you live a long and healthy life developing stronger heart and lungs.

Lowering risk of heart attack

Your heart muscles are strengthened, resting pulse is lowered and blood fat levels reduced. People taking regular physical activity suffer far less heart disease than people who don't!

Riding a bike can help you maintain a healthy weight by burning body fat and raising your metabolic rate you can lose weight. If you undertake physical activity regularly you can enjoy a more varied diet without increasing body weight.

Cycling is one of the more comfortable forms of physical activity for those who are new to exercise, allowing most people to get fit easily and safely without undue physical strain.

Reducing stress

Anxiety, stress and depression are all alleviated, partly due to the physical activity itself, but also due to the pleasure and satisfaction of riding a bike.

Cycling is convenient for short journeys and often faster across town than other forms of transport.

It's a stress free means of taking physical activity because it can form part of a daily routine.

Checking calories

If you are counting calories check out the calorie calculator to see how many calories you could lose by cycling.

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