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Rates Housing Benefit and Rate Relief

People on low incomes, including pensioners, may receive a reduction in their rates through the Rates Housing Benefit and Rate Relief schemes.

About Rates Housing Benefit and Rate Relief

Land & Property Services (LPS) administers the scheme for people who own and occupy their own home and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) administers the scheme for those who rent their home.

Please use the appropriate link below for details on scheme eligibility and how to apply:

Important Information

If you apply for help, you must still pay your rate bill while your application is being assessed. If your application is successful LPS will refund the amount you have overpaid or credit the amount due to your account.

Any help you receive may depend on your income, savings, size of your rate bill and whether other people live with you.

If you have been refused rates Housing Benefit before, seek advice. If your circumstances have changed other allowances may be available.

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