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Early Years Teams

Early Years Teams are specialist teams of social workers within Health and Social Care (HSC) Trusts who are responsible for the registration, inspection, monitoring and support of childminders and day care providers.

Registration and inspection system

By law, Social Services must operate a registration and inspection system for the following types of childcare services

  • day nurseries
  • playgroups
  • out-of-school care
  • childminders
  • summer and holiday schemes
  • crèches

Some types of childcare do not require registration and inspection, these include nannies/au pairs, services that cater for children over 12 years old, services which run for less than two hours a day or services which operate for less than six days per year.

For group daycare settings, such as day nurseries, playgroups and out-of-school care, social workers within Early Years Teams inspect premises at least annually.

They will check:

  • the suitability of the premises, ensuring that they are safe to be used as a facility to provide care to children
  • the suitability of the persons providing care, ensuring that there is no known reason why they are not able to work with children
  • that the standard of care offered is in keeping with that which is required by any registered facility
  • the suitability of equipment

Childminders are also inspected annually. Before childminders are registered, the social worker will check that their homes are safe for young children. A number of checks, including criminal record checks, are carried out on the prospective childminder and any member of the household who is over ten.

Help for parents

Early Years Teams can help parents by:

  • providing information and advice on day care services in their area
  • making available annual inspection reports of daycare facilities and childminders
  • ensuring that standards in daycare settings are at an acceptable level

For more information, contact the Early Years team in your local Health & Social Care Trust.

Southern HSC Trust
Southern HSC Trust
Early Years Services
Gosford Place
The Mall
BT61 9AR
Telephone: 028 3752 2262
Southern HSC Trust
Child Family Care Office
2 Old Lurgan Road
Telephone: 028 3833 3747
Southern HSC Trust
Early Years Services
Drumalane House
Drumalane Road
BT35 8AP
Telephone: 028 3082 5000
South Eastern HSC Trust
South Eastern HSC Trust
Early Years Services
Dunlop Units 57 – 58
4 Balloo Drive
BT19 7Q
Telephone: 028 9127 0672
South Eastern HSC Trust
Early Years Services
91 Hillsborough Road
BT28 1JN
Telephone: 028 9250 1266
South Eastern HSC Trust
Early Years Services
Ward 25 Downshire Hospital
Ardglass Road
BT30 6RA
Telephone: 028 4461 3311
Belfast HSC Trust
Belfast Health & Social Care Trust
Early Years Services
Everton Complex
585 - 587 Crumlin Road
BT14 7GB
Telephone: 028 9504 2811
Northern HSC Trust
Northern HSC Trust
Early Years Team
Route House
Route Complex
8e Coleraine Road
BT53 6BP
Telephone: 028 2766 1340
Northern HSC Trust
Early Years Team
Ellis Street
BT38 8AZ
Telephone: 028 9331 5112
Northern HSC Trust
Northern HSC Trust
Early Years Team
44 King Street
BT45 6AH
Telephone: 028 7930 2628
Northern HSC Trust
Early Years Team
Raphael House
11b Finaghy Road
BT42 1HW
Telephone: 028 2563 5110
Western HSC Trust
Western HSC Trust
Early Years Team
Tyrone & Fermanagh Hospital
BT79 0NS
Telephone: 028 8283 5108
Western HSC Trust
Early Years Team
Clooney Hall Centre
36 Clooney Terrace
BT47 6AR
Telephone: 028 7132 0950
Western HSC Trust
Early Years Team
2 Coleshill Road
BT74 7HG
Telephone: 028 6634 4000

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