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Road safety campaigns

Just one trip can kill

The potential consequences of forgetting to wear your seatbelt just that once


Most deaths and serious injuries on the road are caused by human error

Respect my journey

The importance of being aware of other road users and respecting their right to use the roads

Share the road to zero

Even one death on the road is one too many - pledge to share the road to zero

Never ever drink and drive

It’s a fact – any alcohol affects your ability to drive safely

Speed shame

Excessive speed is the biggest killer on Northern Ireland’s roads

One lapse can last a lifetime

One lapse of concentration while driving, no matter how small, can kill or seriously injure another person

No seatbelt No excuse

The consequences of not wearing a seat belt properly can be just as horrific as wearing none at all

Bike safely

Half of motorcyclist deaths and serious injuries are due to drivers

Stop a drug driver

If you drive under the influence of drugs you are dicing with people’s lives