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How do I prepare for the test?

Your vehicle should be road worthy and in full working order, so it is advisable to have it checked by a mechanic before the test. You must also ensure that the exterior/interior and underparts of the vehicle are clean or the examiner may refuse to test it.

Can I prepare the vehicle myself or will I have to take it to a garage?

Anyone can prepare the vehicle for the test, however, some specialist equipment may be needed to check certain elements required for the test, for example, headlight alignment. The Vehicle Inspection Manuals can be viewed online at:

What documents do I need to bring with me on the day of the test?

  • vehicle registration document V5C(NI)
  • appointment letter
  • any current Certificate or Notice of Refusal for all cars, motorcycles, light goods vehicles and heavy goods vehicles

If you are bringing a taxi or bus, you must present all of the above documents as well as

  • a current Certificate of Insurance

Is my vehicle covered by insurance?

You can drive an untaxed vehicle to and from the test centre for a prearranged MOT test provided you have adequate insurance cover in place for the use of that vehicle.

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