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Personalised reg and number plates

Wilson's Auctions

Check for attractive registrations through auction, tender and direct sales.

Transferring a registration mark and how to apply

How to transfer a registration number

Buy a DVA personalised registration

Buy a DVA registration number for yourself or as a gift online or by phone

Buy a personalised registration from a dealer or in a private sale

Buy from a private number dealer or a motorist selling a private plate

Renewing or updating a certificate of entitlement

Extend the entitlement, add or change a nominee, change the purchaser's name and address, replace if lost or stolen

Do you want to transfer a personalised number when registering a vehicle?

The documentation required supporting a transfer or assignment application

Displaying your registration number

Correct format for the display of registration number

How to get a number plate made up

Get a plate made up by a registered number plate supplier

How to become a number plate supplier

Applications should be sent to DVLA, Swansea for processing