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Go ON NI makes getting online easy

What can I do on the internet?

'The net', 'the web', 'online' are words to describe the internet. Most people use the internet daily to make their lives simpler and more fun. Go ON - see what you could do online!

Some of the things you can do online

  • keep in touch
  • follow your hobbies
  • search for a job
  • research your family history
  • save money
  • find ways to get healthy
  • listen to music
  • watch videos

It's easy to search

Whatever you're interested in, you could learn more on the internet. Use any search-engine website to see what you can find. Visit the following page to find out more about searching the internet.

Browse nidirect

Once you can use a mouse and a keyboard, you can browse this website to find useful information and complete some transactions. The following pages are just some of the things you will find on nidirect.

Other useful websites

There is a wide range of other useful websites on the internet. These include the websites below.