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Eat well

Find out about how you can have a healthy, balanced diet. It's important that you eat the right amount of foods from the different food groups to help you stay in good health.

    Healthy diet

    Find out what makes up a healthy, balanced diet, including nutrition information and how to get your 'five a day' portions of fruit and vegetables

    Keeping food safe

    How to prepare, cook and store food safely to help stop harmful bacteria from spreading and growing

    Food labelling

    Understanding the information on food packaging, including front of pack labelling


    Hundreds of healthy eating recipes for starters, main courses and desserts

    Food Hygiene Rating scheme

    The Food Hygiene Rating scheme rates the food hygiene standards of more than 14,000 businesses in Northern Ireland where people can eat or buy food

    Healthy eating for different ages and stages

    Information about healthy eating for different ages and stages of life, including children, teenagers, men, women and older people