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Healthy diet

It's important to eat healthily and have a balanced diet. This includes all the main food groups and getting 'five a day' portions of fruit and vegetables.

Tips for healthy eating

Advice on eating well to maintain good health and help you feel your best

The eatwell plate

The types and proportions of foods you need to make sure you have a healthy and well-balanced diet

Balanced diet

A balanced diet consisting of all the main food groups will give you all the nutrients that you need

Nutrition essentials

Information on getting your 'five a day' portions of fruit and vegetables, vitamins, minerals, meat, starch, seafood, milk, dairy products and water

Fats, sugars and salt

Information on the recommended amounts of fat, sugar and salt you should have in your diet

Eat well for sport and exercise

A healthy, balanced diet will provide you with all the nutrients you need to take part in your favourite sport or activity

Vegetarian and vegan diet

If you're vegetarian or vegan, advice on how to get a balanced diet to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs

Eating out healthily

Tips and advice on how to get the healthier options if dining out or eating a takeaway