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AccessNI turnaround times

AccessNI can take between two to four weeks to search criminal records and supply a disclosure certificate depending on the check requested. Each week AccessNI updates delivery times for all levels of check and indicates approximate turnaround times for certificates.

Timetable for obtaining an AccessNI disclosure certificate

A disclosure certificate gives an individual's criminal history information. The table below shows the latest times for processing disclosures. This is the average turnaround time for certificates. Some may take longer. All days are calendar days.

Week commencing 15 December 2014

AccessNI check Date application was received Processing target Average time to issue certificate
Basic 15 December 95% within 14 days 3 days
Standard 15 December 95% within 14 days 3 days
*Enhanced 8 December

70% within 14 days

90% within 28 days

7 days

19 days

*AccessNI estimates that 30% of these cases will be referred to police forces

Complaining about AccessNI's service

If you want to complain about the time taken to process your check, you can complain to AccessNI.

If you believe information is inaccurate on your basic, standard or enhanced certificate, you need to inform AccessNI and raise your concern as a dispute.

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