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AccessNI individuals

If you apply for certain jobs or voluntary positions, you may be asked for an AccessNI check. You will be told when a basic, standard or enhanced check is necessary. Individuals can apply for basic checks. Only an employer registered with AccessNI can apply for standard and enhanced checks.

When will an employer require an AccessNI check?

Employers are responsible for knowing when a job or volunteering role requires an AccessNI check. There are three levels of check.

  • basic
  • standard
  • enhanced

If you’re self employed

You can only apply for a basic check. You cannot get a standard or enhanced check because these checks must be submitted through a registered body.

Only a registered body can verify compliance with legal processes about disclosing the requested information.

If you’re a volunteer

You can apply for a basic check. The fee is £26 which you or the voluntary organisation must pay.

If you're a volunteer in a role which requires a standard or enhanced check, in some cases AccessNI will provide the check for free. For more information, see the following nidirect page:

Applying for an AccessNI check

Find out what information you need to apply for each AccessNI check and complete the application at the following nidirect pages.

Transgender applicants

AccessNI has a special application process for transgender people who don't want to reveal their previous gender and names to the organisation requiring the disclosure.

If you are transgender and want advice about job applications where an AccessNI check is required, or you need help completing the AccessNI application, you should contact AccessNI’s Operations Manager:

  • telephone: 0300 200 7888

Disclosure certificates

When AccessNI searches and checks your criminal history, they provide a disclosure certificate with any criminal records. Unspent convictions appear on a basic disclosure certificate. Cautions, spent and unspent convictions appear on a standard or enhanced certificate. A clean criminal history is described as “no information found”.

Only you will receive a basic disclosure certificate. You and your employer will receive a copy of the standard and enhanced disclosure certificates.

For disclosure applications submitted through registered or responsible bodies using the on-line application process, AccessNI will send an email to the relevant body to advise them when the disclosure certificate has been issued. You will also receive this email.

Complaining about information on your disclosure certificate

If you believe information is inaccurate on your disclosure certificate, you can write to AccessNI and dispute the information disclosed.

Working overseas - criminal record checks

If you are emigrating from Northern Ireland or going abroad to work or study, you might need a criminal record check. You should ask the overseas employer or organisation about the check they require. AccessNI does not give advice about specific checks necessary for each country.

For more information, visit the following nidirect page

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