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What you could get

Student Loans

Information on who is eligible and how to apply for a Student Loan for Tuition Fees and Student Loan for Maintenance

Maintenance Grant

Help with living costs through the Maintenance Grant and Special Support Grant

Bursaries, scholarships and awards

Help from your university or college, and other sources

Support for part-time students

If you are a part-time higher education student and studying at least 50 per cent of an equivalent full-time course - you may be entitled to a grant towards your fees and your course costs

All Ireland Scholarships

All Ireland scholarships are available for the top performing A Level and BTEC students starting an undergraduate degree course. Applications now closed.

Extra help for students with children

If you're a full-time higher education student with dependent children, find out what help is available towards childcare costs and costs relating to your course

Support for continuing students

If you’re continuing with a higher education course, this page will help you work out how much you could get through the Maintenance Grant or Special Support Grant

Student finance: other funding

Information on other sources of funding available including support for Health Professional courses, teacher training and help for students with children

Funding for students studying in the Republic of Ireland

Students studying in the Republic of Ireland are eligible for certain funding

Financial help for students with disabilities

If you have an impairment, medical condition or a learning difficulty, you may be entitled to claim extra financial help as a student

Security information (studentfinanceni website)

Advice on keeping your student finance account secure. Student Finance NI will never ask you for your account login details, so don't disclose them to anyone

Financing your postgraduate course

Find out what grants and awards are available if you're considering a postgraduate course