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Prisoner Release Victim Information Scheme

The Northern Ireland Prison Service runs the Prisoner Release Victim Information Scheme (PRVIS) which offers victims the opportunity to give and receive information about the prisoners who have been convicted of a crime against them.

How it works

This is a voluntary 'opt in' scheme which means that if the victim does not register they will not receive any information. The victim, or close family or friends, carers or guardians, can receive information about periods of temporary release being considered and the prisoner's final release date.

The scheme applies to adult offenders who have received a custodial sentence of six months or more and who have been sentenced or permanently transferred to serve their sentence in Northern Ireland.  It also applies to juveniles/young people sentenced to six months or more and who reach the age of 18 whilst still in custody.

Please be aware that many victims mistakenly believe that someone will tell them of a prisoner’s release. This is not the case.

To be informed of a prisoner's release you must register with the scheme.

Victims can register to join the scheme by downloading and completing an application form. Help with this form and other queries can be found through contacting the scheme directly.

Prisoner's returning to the community

Of those registering with the scheme, the main reason is to receive early warning of a prisoner’s return to the community. For many victims the greatest fear is unexpected contact with an offender.

Temporary and compassionate release

As prisoners approach the end of their sentence, they can be considered for periods of Temporary Release (TR) to help them prepare for their return to the community.  Victims who have registered with the Scheme will be invited to make their views known, which will be taken into account when Temporary Release is being considered and if granted of any conditions to be imposed on the prisoner whilst on release.

A prisoner can make an application for compassionate temporary release at anytime. If a victim has made representations, their views will be taken into account.

Contacting the Prisoner Release Victim Information Scheme

The scheme is administered on a co-located basis with the Probation Board's Victim Information Scheme. You can contact the office at:

Victim Information Unit
Unit 4, Wallace Studios
27 Wallace Avenue
BT27 4AE

Freephone: 0300 1233269