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Divorce, relationship breakdown and family courts

Relationship breakdown and your children

Practical advice for parents who are divorcing or separating on how to make it easier on the children

Dealing with relationship problems

Advice on how to try and stop a relationship breaking down and how to reach agreement with your ex-spouse or ex-partner by using mediation services following relationship breakdown

Solicitors and the courts

Help with getting proper legal representation

Getting a divorce/Dissolution of Civil Partnership

Advice on how to start divorce proceedings and how to end a civil partnership and where to get help with the process

Help with sorting out separation

If you're relationship has broken down, the Sorting out Separation online service may be able to help you by providing useful information on all aspects of divorce and separation

Family Mediation

Information family mediation services available to assist parents managing their separation process and maintaining positive contact with their children.

Attending family courts

Details of what's involved in attending court for adoption, contact and residence orders and if your child is in care

Child welfare during court proceedings (NIGALA)

Information on the Northern Ireland Guardian Ad Litem Agency (NIGALA), which looks after the welfare of children involved in family court proceedings

Child Maintenance Service

Advice on how to make informed choices about child maintenance