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Registering a still-birth

alt="" There is no legal requirement to register a still-birth. But, many parents see this as an opportunity to have a formal record of their still-born child. A still-birth may be registered within one year of the date of the still-birth.

What you need to register a still-birth

To register a still-birth you need a certificate signed by a registered medical practitioner (or registered midwife) who was present at the still-birth or has examined the body of the still-born child.

Where a still-birth can be registered

A still-birth can be registered in any District Registrar's Office in Northern Ireland:

Who can register a still-birth?

Either the mother or father of the still-born child (if they are a married couple) can register. However, if the parents are not married to each other, the name of the father may only be recorded if the father attends and signs the registration or if a declaration of paternity is produced.

The following people may also register the still-birth:

  • the grandmother, grandfather, uncle or aunt of the still-born child
  • any person present at the still-birth
  • any person having charge of the still-born child
  • the occupier of the premises where the still-birth took place

Details required to register a still-birth

  • full name of the still-born child
  • sex and date of the still-birth
  • district and place of still-birth
  • full names and dates of birth of the parents and full addresses and occupations of the parents

Once the registration is completed, the Registrar will issue a still-birth certificate free of charge.

Certified copies of still-birth certificates

Due to the sensitive nature of still-birth registrations, the procedure for ordering a certificate differs from other types of certificate.

The mother or father (if named on the certificate) can apply for a certified copy of the certificate.

The cost of a certificate is £15.00, or if two or more copies of the same certificate are applied for at the same time the first copy will be charged at £15.00 and any additional copies at £8.00 each.

If the parents are deceased or unable to make an application, another family member can apply, providing their reason for application. The application will be considered and a decision made on a case-by-case basis.

To get a search of the registers, the fee is £7.00 for each five year period or part of it. The results of the search will be sent to the applicant in a letter. A certificate can be issued when an additional £8.00 fee is paid.

You can download a still-birth certificate application form at the following link.