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Help with paying your rates

People on a low income

If you are on a low income there may be help available for paying your rates

District Rate Subsidy

Information on eligibility for a new discount scheme for some ratepayers who face significantly higher rates bills under local government reforms

Help with rates for pensioners

If you are a pensioner you may be entitled to help with your rates

Rates Housing Benefit and Rate Relief

People on low incomes who own their own home, including pensioners, may receive a reduction in their rates through the rates Housing Benefit and Rate Relief scheme

Lone Pensioner Allowance

Ratepayers aged 70 or over may be entitled to a 20 per cent reduction in their rates

Disabled Persons Allowance - Rates

If you are a ratepayer with a person with a disability living in the property, you may be entitled to a reduction in your rates

Change of Circumstances

If your circumstances change your rate Housing Benefit may be affected. Use the link above to find out more

LPS Fair Processing notice

Find out why Land & Property Services collects your personal information