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Chief Medical Officer's annual report

Northern Ireland’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr Michael McBride, says everyone should receive high quality and safe health care and highlights some of the biggest public health issues facing Northern Ireland in his annual report. Some of the main topics in the report include alcohol, smoking, blind cord safety, new vaccination programmes and Ebola.

Download the report

You can download the full report at the link below:

nidirect has lots of helpful information on many of the issues covered in the report.

Northern Ireland health services

Dr McBride says that much work had been done in the last year to ensure that people in Northern Ireland received high quality, safe and effective health care though further work is needed.


Dr McBride highlights the danger of drinking excess alcohol and how damaging its misuse can be.


Dr McBride says smoking remains the single greatest cause of preventable death in Northern Ireland however, smoke free legislation has had a positive impact on improving health.

Blind cord safety

Dr McBride has stated that preventing deaths and injuries from blind cords remains a priority for him and has welcomed the valuable work being done by manufactures and others to raise awareness of blind cord safety and reduce the risk of accidents.

New vaccinations

The flu vaccination for children is now being rolled out for all children.

The introduction of the whooping cough vaccination for pregnant women in the last three months of pregnancy has greatly reduced the number of cases of infection in babies under three months of age and also saved lives.


Dr McBride has thanked all those, especially the health care staff from Northern Ireland, who volunteered to go out and help those countries affected by Ebola.

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