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Changes that affect your benefit

If you get benefits and think that the information we currently hold about your circumstances may be out of date, let your local benefits office know as soon as possible. Failing to report a change in your circumstances can result in you committing benefit fraud.

Get in touch

You can report a change in your circumstances or find out how your benefits might change, by contacting your local benefit office or one of the benefit specific numbers below.

  Telephone Number
Attendance Allowance 028 9090 6178
Bereavement Service 0800 085 2463
Carer’s Allowance / Carer’s Credit 028 9090 6186
Disability Living Allowance 028 9090 6182

Employment and Support Allowance

(Enquiries and Change of Circumstances)

0300 123 3012

0845 602 7301

Income Support 0800 022 4250
Jobseeker’s Allowance 0800 022 4250
Pension Credit – Enquiries

0300 123 3014

0845 601 8821

State Pension – Enquiries

0300 123 3014

0845 601 8821

Types of changes we need to know about

You must report any change in your circumstances to your local benefit office as soon as it happens, whether you think the change is directly related to your benefits.

Some examples of the changes you need to report include:

  • getting married, entering into a civil partnership or moving in with a partner
  • moving house (change of address)
  • getting a new job whatever hours you work or pay you receive
  • getting a pay rise or changes to the hours that you work
  • inheriting or unexpectedly coming into money / capital
  • taking in a lodger
  • no longer being sick or ill
  • travelling or moving abroad
  • going into hospital or a care home
  • leaving school/college
  • volunteering
  • disablement
  • bereavement
  • pregnancy

If you deliberately fail to report a change in your personal circumstances you are treated as having committed benefit fraud. If you're prosecuted for benefit fraud you could be fined or get a prison sentence.

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