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Applying for a refund of vehicle tax

You can apply for a refund of vehicle tax if you are the current registered keeper or were the last registered keeper of your vehicle. You'll also need to tell the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) why the vehicle no longer needs the tax disc.

When to apply for a refund

Post the refund application before the first day of the month you want to claim from, and tell DVA why you are making the application, for example the vehicle has been:

  • sold
  • transferred
  • scrapped
  • exported
  • stolen
  • re - taxed in a nil value tax class - like the disabled tax class
  • taken off the road - SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) in place with DVA

Your application will be rejected if you don't give these details. The name on the refund application should match exactly what’s on the vehicle registration certificate (V5C(NI)).

Do not apply for a refund if your vehicle is in the process of having its registration number transferred. If your vehicle is being transferred from Northern Ireland (NI) to Great Britain (GB) or GB to NI, you do not need to apply for a refund. The tax disc is still valid.

How to apply for a refund

You can apply for a refund of vehicle tax with a tax disc, or without one if it has been lost or stolen.

Application with a tax disc

To apply for your refund, download and fill in the form V14(NI) ‘Application for a refund of vehicle tax when you have the tax disc’. Once you have filled in the form you should:

  • sign your form
  • attach your tax disc
  • post it to:
Refund Section
County Hall
Castlerock Road
BT51 3TA

The form can be downloaded or is also available from a tax issuing Post Office®.

Application without a tax disc

Fill in a V33(NI) ‘Application for a refund of vehicle tax when the tax disc is missing’. Send the form to:

Refund Section
County Hall
Castlerock Road
BT51 3TA

The V33(NI) form is only available by phoning DVA on 0845 402 4000 or from a DVA local office.

If the tax disc is found after a refund has been paid, you must return it, with a covering letter to DVA.

Your vehicle has been stolen

When you tell the police of the theft you’ll be given a crime reference number. You’ll need to provide details of the theft and the crime reference number given by the police on the V33(NI) form.

As many vehicles are recovered within a few days of theft you should wait at least seven days before applying for a refund. Applying earlier than the seven days may cause your application to be returned to you.

If your vehicle has been recovered you still may wish to apply for a refund. If you do apply for a refund, DVA will need to know what has happened to the vehicle since its recovery.

Making a SORN or other notification to DVA

You can make a SORN on the V14(NI) form at the same time as applying for a refund, if you're keeping the vehicle and taking it off the road.

You can also send DVA notice of sale or transfer of your vehicle, or notice of the vehicle being exported, with your refund application.

An acknowledgement letter should be sent to you within four weeks and it’s sent separately to the refund. If you don’t receive the letter, please contact DVA on 0845 402 4000.

The amount you’ll be refunded

A refund is paid for each full month left to run on the tax disc at the time you apply.

If you have a six-month tax disc you paid an extra ten per cent handling charge when you bought it. This is not included as part of your refund.

If you don’t have a tax disc to send back, an administration fee of £7 will be taken away from the amount refunded to you. The refund will be made payable to the person named on the application form which should match exactly what’s on the vehicle registration certificate.

A refund cannot be backdated. It can only be paid from one of the following dates (whichever is later):

  • the date your refund application was sent
  • the date DVA was told why you no longer need the tax disc

First year rates

If you paid a higher 'first year rate' tax for a newly registered vehicle, you will only get a refund based on this if the vehicle:

  • has been stolen
  • has been scrapped
  • tax class has changed to a nil value tax class such as 'disabled'

Your vehicle tax refund will be based on the lower standard rate if the vehicle has been sold, exported or you have made a SORN:

When to expect your refund

Refunds may take up to six weeks to process. You need to allow the six weeks for a refund to get to you before making enquiries with DVA.

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