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Apply for Mortgage Interest Run On

Mortgage Interest Run On (MIRO) is an extra four weeks of money you can get towards paying your housing costs if certain other benefits are stopping because you’re starting work of 16 hours per week or more, or increasing part-time hours to 16 hours per week or more, or your partner is starting work of 24 hours or more, or increasing hours to 24 hours or more.

How to use this service

Use the links below to download and complete a claim form or contact the Social Security Agency for a claim form.

Download a form

Help with a mortgage/home loan if you get Income Support or Job Seeker's Allowance.

You make a claim by printing out a claim form and filling it in. When you have filled in the form you can either:

Important: The date the claim form is received in a Social Security Agency office is the date we can consider payment from - not the date you downloaded the claim form.

Ask for a form

You can get Mortgage Interest Run On forms from the Social Security Agency.  Contact one of their offices.

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